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“Many parents who come to me share the fact that, well before they end up in my office, they have read a pile of sleep advice books without getting results,” says Sasha Carr, PhD, Sleep Consultant at Willows Pediatrics in Westport, CT.  ”As a result, they often worry there is no real solution for the problems they face with their child’s sleep.”

However, Dr. Carr adds, “The good news is, with the several hundred families I’ve worked with, this has never been the case. The problem isn’t with their child – it’s with the source they’re using for help with getting a child to sleep.

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Sasha Carr, PhD is a psychologist, family sleep coach and mom dedicated to helping babies, toddlers, children and families get the rest they need.  In addition to heading her sleep consulting company for parents, Off to Dreamland, Dr. Carr helps train future sleep coaches at the Family Sleep Institute and serves as the resident pediatric sleep expert at Willows Pediatric Group in Westport, CT.

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