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As Baby Safety Awareness Month comes to a close I’d like to share a final thought:

When you create or share any type of media publicly please be mindful of any photos you might use depicting sleeping infants.  Whether you’re publishing an article in a nationwide magazine, blogging, or even just pinning to a Pinterest board, pay attention to whether a photo depicts a safe sleep environment or not.

This is important because what we are exposed to through media becomes the norm in our minds, and many parents are not 100 percent sure of what constitutes a safe sleeping environment.  It’s up to those of us who are in the know to make sure anything we put out there conveys the right message.

Therefore, photos of babies sleeping should depict a baby sleeping on her back, with no loose blankets or other soft objects nearby, and no crib bumpers, all of which can present a suffocation hazard.  As adorable as it may look, a photo of a snoozing infant nested within a pile of stuffed animals sends the message that this is an acceptable way to have a baby sleep.

It’s especially important for health professionals and  anyone who might be considered an authority on baby sleep, health or safety to keep this in mind. Parents are watching, so let’s make sure that the image we project is clear.

Special thanks to Lori Brier Strong, my colleague at the Family Sleep Institute and founder of Strong Little Sleepers in Austin, TX.


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