Child and Family Sleep Coaching

Are you…


Exhausted from hours of rocking, walking, or nursing to finally get your baby to sleep?


Stuck in the catnap zone, where your baby seems to wake up like clockwork after short 20, 30 or 45 minute naps?


Tired of having to lie down every night with your toddler until he falls asleep, or ends up in your bed?


Drained from having to put your baby or toddler in the car, stroller or on top of you to get them to nap?


Sick of slogging through long days with with a cranky, overtired child, wondering where your sweet little angel is hiding?

If you dread nap time and bedtime is a battle…

If you’re fantasizing about sleep on a regular basis…

We can help.

After working with us to receive the guidance and follow-up support you need, you will:


Feel more calm and present with your child, your partner and everyone else in your life now that sleep is no longer a struggle.


Watch your child become more calm, focused and able to handle small frustrations without melting down because they're no longer chronically overtired.


ENJOY bedtime and naptime with your child, as well playtime and other activities with your children because everyone feels rested.


Have more time and energy to connect one-on-one with your partner.


Empower your child to develop better learning, attention, memory and social skills based on a solid sleep foundation.

As your child and family sleep coach, Dr. Carr can:


Address any common or not-so-common baby, toddler and child sleep challenges including bedtime battles, night waking, short or no naps, early waking, getting out of bed, and more. Whatever it is, she's seen it before!


Design a schedule and sleep plan to meet the unique needs of your family based on your children's ages/developmental stages, family structure, household setup, and other important factors unique to your family.


Help families with special situations, including multiples and children with medical, developmental, and behavioral issues.


Coordinate with other caregivers including grandparents, nannies, and joint-custody parents.


Offer coaching and emotional support to parents who are often stressed and worried about their children's sleep, and may be sleep-deprived themselves.

Our Packages

In-Home Sleep Coaching Package

For parents who prefer to meet in person and who would like the benefit of having Dr. Carr evaluate their child's sleeping environment. This package includes:
  • A detailed sleep assessment to identify your family’s specific sleep issues and concerns.
  • One 75-minute in-home consultation with Dr. Carr to discuss your options and develop a plan which will work for your family.
  • Evaluation of your child’s sleeping environment with recommendations to encourage better sleep.
  • A clear and comprehensive written action plan customized to meet your family’s needs.
  • Access to your own private digital sleep log to help you track your progress.
  • Follow up support: You will receive access to Dr. Carr for two weeks over email and phone work through any issues or concerns that come up, make adjustments if needed, and most important, get encouragement and support as you move forward with your family’s new sleep plan.
  • A special parting gift from Dr. Carr at the end of the coaching process to help keep your child’s sleep on the right track.

Expecting / Newborn Consultation Package

For parents who want to get on the path to better sleep right from the start. Makes a great shower or baby gift! Gift certificates are available.
  • For expecting parents or parents with babies under 16 weeks
  • Dr. Carr provides a private 50-minute consultation to educate new or expecting parents on establishing healthy sleep habits for their baby in order to avoid having sleep issues in the future.
  • Includes an easy-to-understand written guide to ensuring healthy sleep habits for the baby’s entire first year.
  • This makes a wonderful shower or welcome baby gift
  • Gift certificates are available.


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 Get Dr. Carrs TOP 7 Sleep Tips For Parents
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