We’re thrilled to announce that our year-long-plus labor of love is complete! Our Putting Bungee to Bed bedtime book is now headed to bookshelves everywhere.

Bedtime book Putting Bungee to Bed front cover

Meet Bungee and Ben. Bungee is Ben’s best friend, constant companion, and a bit of a handful. This adorable monkey can get downright squirrelly at bedtime. He keeps coming out of his den, wants to stay up until all hours, and generally makes a nuisance of himself while Ben tries to sleep.

Many parents of preschoolers can relate to this struggle!

Ben knows they can’t go on this way, with no energy to play their favorite games or have fun at the park. Even their favorite food tastes gray and lifeless. What can Ben do to save them both from tired, grouchy days? With some trial and error, Ben might just find a way…

By reading our imaginative and fun picture storybook, young children and their parents learn how Ben saves the day by rescuing the night for his whole family. In the process, they’ll learn how to solve their own sleep issues.

Why a bedtime book?

We all have treasured childhood stories that impact the way we understand the world. Instead of making yet another advice book for parents on how to improve their child’s sleep, we wanted to create a beautifully illustrated bedtime book to harness the abundant energy and imagination of preschoolers.
A key part of my strategy working with preschoolers is explaining that their favorite doll or stuffed animal is having trouble sleeping. Together we learn about how and why poor sleep is making life truly difficult for their cherished friend, then together we work to make things better.
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Putting Bungee to Bed encourages children to identify with Ben in the story. They learn how lack of sleep hurts both Ben and Bungee and their friendship. Just as Ben finds a solution, young readers feel inspired to do the same. When young children “get” a concept, they embrace it with their full heart and soul.

Bring Bungee Home

Children can practice the healthy sleep strategies depicted in the book by putting their very own huggable plush Bungee to bed.
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Parents can get even more benefit from the the story by reading a special collection of tips included at the back of the book. Using the tips will help reinforce healthy sleep habits at home.

Parents who want more intensive, personalized help should consider private sleep coaching. But Bungee is a great new tool to help all families with preschoolers who want to sleep better.

Sasha Carr

Dr. Sasha Carr is a psychologist and child sleep expert who has helped over 1000 families get healthier sleep. Dr. Carr serves as a faculty member of the Family Sleep Institute and is the author of Putting Bungee to Bed, a bedtime picture book aimed at helping children be better sleepers. You can learn more about her services here.

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