Putting Bungee to Bed

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Ben and Bungee are the best of friends. But every night, Bungee comes out of his den and keeps Ben awake. Ben knows they can’t go on being too tired to play their favorite games or have fun. What can he do to save them both from tired, grouchy days? With some trial and error, Ben just might find a way…

Putting Bungee to Bed was inspired by a child sleep expert’s experience helping preschoolers learn to be better sleepers. By reading this story together, young children and their parents can turn bedtime at their own house into a success story.

Putting Bungee to Bed will enchant children ages 3-6 and allow families to enjoy the benefits of healthy sleep. Parents can access special sleep tips from Dr. Carr to help reinforce the book’s message via a link included in the book!

*Named a Top Book of 2016* “Putting Bungee to Bed uses two adorable characters young children will adore. Bungee is a lovable monkey. I can imagine some youngsters will want a monkey of their own of the plush variety to help them sleep at night… Together, the text and images are adorable, tell a good story, do not moralize, and allow the child to find a solution. The writing is very good. ★★★★★★ —  Kid Lit Reviews

Recommended reading. This book is a wonderful tool for teaching children about healthy sleep habits” — Us Weekly

Buy the book alone or as a set together with our adorable, limited edition plush Bungee.

Written by Sasha Carr, Phd

Illustrated by Linda Neptune

Hardcover, 40 pages.

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