Bungee Deluxe Gift Set


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Our Bungee Deluxe Gift Set is ultimate gift for any special little ones in your life.

This Bungee deluxe gift set includes:

  • A signed and personalized copy of the book
  • A limited-edition 10″ plush Bungee wearing a t-shirt personalized with your child’s name (as pictured)


Ben and Bungee are the best of friends. But every night, Bungee comes out of his den and keeps Ben awake. Ben knows they can’t go on being too tired to play their favorite games or have fun. What can he do to save them both from tired, grouchy days? With some trial and error, Ben just might find a way…

This lovingly illustrated hardcover storybook was inspired by a child sleep expert’s experience helping preschoolers learn to be better sleepers. By reading this story together, young children and their parents can turn bedtime at their own house into a success story.

Putting Bungee to Bed will enchant children ages 3-6 and allow families to enjoy the benefits of healthy sleep. Parents can access special sleep tips from Dr. Carr to help reinforce the book’s message via a link included in the book!


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