Kid Sleep Experts Campaign

Kid Sleep Experts Crowdfunding Campaign

Kid sleep experts at work!

What if there were a book that could empower very young children to take control of their own sleep health?

What if this funny, imaginative storybook could help young children understand why sleep is important, how to have healthy sleep habits, and what will change for the better in their lives when everyone in the family gets more sleep?

How great would it be to avoid bedtime battles and overnight struggles, because you and your young child are actually on the same team when it comes to sleep?

Please help me, Dr. Sasha Carr, author and child sleep expert, create this book and give the gift of healthier sleep to young children — and their parents!

I’m gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign to get this book beautifully illustrated and published.  Will you join me?

Join the movement for kid sleep experts and learn when the campaign goes live!

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Dr. Sasha Carr is a published author and child sleep specialist dedicated to helping families get healthier sleep.  She’s also a real-life mom who has dealt with the challenges of protecting sleep while living in the modern world. Dr. Carr serves on the faculty of the Family Sleep Institute and works directly with families via her sleep coaching practice, Off to Dreamland.

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