Toddler Sleep Training: Big Challenges, Big Rewards

Although in your heart  they’ll always be “your baby”, at 18 months and beyond your child is a robust toddler or preschooler whose main mission in life to is to test limits and assert his independence while he makes the important transition from baby to big kid.

Toddler sleep training is worth the effortEven if your little one was a dream sleeper as an infant, these years can bring unique challenges: battles of will at bedtime, nightly visits to mommy and daddy’s bedside, and long “curtain call” sessions involving “just one more” tuck-in, potty run, glass of water, and the list goes on. Whether you think of it as a “toddler sleep regression” or a behavioral issue, sleep at this age can feel like a real struggle.

Toddler and preschooler sleep issues benefit from specialized support.  If you feel like you’re stuck in a sleep war zone, your toddler or preschooler may feel  the same way but doesn’t have the awareness and language to express it. My training as a psychologist allows me to give parents the behavioral tools and specific language skills needed to defuse sleep power struggles and get you and your little ones on the same team when it comes to sleep.

Baby sleep training CT | Family Sleep Coach | Off to DreamlandSome of my sleep colleagues prefer not to work with this age group at all and send them to me instead, because they know that I truly enjoy working with toddlers and preschoolers. Of course I love it when clients send me photos of their adorable little babies sleeping soundly, but I get even greater joy from the videos, phone calls, handmade cards and hugs I get from my little “sleep champions” once they’ve figured out that working with me means they get to feel better, have more energy, and spend more time with happy, well-rested parents who have more energy to play with them!

Because sleep issues during this age can be uniquely challenging, I focus on giving toddler and preschooler parents maximum coaching and support over a full two-week period, and I make sure parents are prepared to roll up their sleeves and commit to the process 100 percent. After working together, many parents find that they now have improved skills and tools around other common battleground issues, including mealtimes and potty training, as well as daytime meltdowns. So, while toddler sleep training definitely can pose more challenges than working with infants, the rewards are also greater!

Kids can be sleep leaders and toddler sleep training need not be a battle

Give kids the right tools and they will lead!

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Here’s what some parents are saying about their experience after toddler sleep training with us:

My husband and I were desperate for our daughter to sleep in her own bed all night without crying. After 2.5 years we had basically given up and let her sleep in our bed every night. She kicked and wiggled all night and none of us were getting a good night of sleep. Enter Dr. Carr. She gave us a complete and easy to follow plan and just two weeks later our daughter is sleeping all night in her own bed and waking up rested. It’s a miracle.

— Sarah and Tim, Woodbridge, CT

On a dime our 3 1/2 year old turned from a champion sleeper to a complete nightmare at bedtime, screaming, crying, refusing to sleep, you name it. We were at our wits’ end until we found Dr. Carr. Her calm and measured approach worked wonders and after a week or two our son was back to his normal self at bedtime. Highly recommended.

— Meg, Tom and Tommy, Stamford, CT

Dr. Carr has been instrumental in helping our family to improve our sleep. We have struggled with our two year old’s lack of sleep since she was born, and tried all the suggestions given by family, friends, and popular books. Dr. Carr’s plan was comprehensive and tailored to our needs as a family in a way that all of our previous strategies were not. And unlike any book, her ongoing support over phone and email kept us on track and our spirits up. Our daughter’s sleep has improved dramatically and we now feel like we have the tools and confidence to maintain the progress that we’ve made. We wish that we had contacted her sooner!

–Kira and Arjune R., New Haven, CT

If you’re struggling with an “18 month sleep regression”, “2 year sleep regression”, “2.5 year sleep regression”, or other toddler sleep troubles, we can help.

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Dr. Sasha Carr is a faculty member of the Family Sleep Institute and the founder of Off to Dreamland. She has helped over one thousand families get on the path to healthier sleep. Dr. Carr is currently working on a book project designed to help toddlers and preschoolers become their own kid sleep experts.



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