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Daylight Saving Time Survival Guide

At 2:00 AM this coming Sunday, November 5, most of the United States will turn back the clock by one hour. So, what would have been 7:00 AM on the clock Saturday will be 6:00 AM on Sunday. Some people describe the change as "gaining an hour". This can be a blessing...

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Back to School Sleep Tips

Back to school means back to a regular routine. These back to school sleep tips will help your child succeed in school and beyond. Understand that school-age kids need 10-12 hours of sleep to be at their best. Most parents know that their children need good sleep, but...

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5 Tips for Back-to-School Sleep Success

  Back-to-school is upon us! As much as we parents may have enjoyed the fun of summer, many of us are ready for a change. Yet none of us look forward to tired, cranky and disorganized mornings as our kids (and we!) adjust to a regular school routine. What can we do to...

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2 year Nap Regression: Don’t Panic!

  “My daughter stopped napping when she was 2. I guess some kids are just finished with napping early”. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this, whether from toddler sleep coaching clients, audience members at speaking engagements, or during my regular mom life...

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Getting Toddlers to Stay in Their Own Bed

Even if your little one was a great sleeper as a baby, toddlerhood can provide special challenges when it comes to sleep. Because it's basically a toddler’s job to assert her independence, bedtime can feel like a battleground.  Your toddler may only, finally, get into...

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