About Dr. Carr

I’m a licensed psychologist and certified child and family sleep coach dedicated to helping families get healthier sleep. I’m also a parent who has been “in the trenches” working on my own family’s sleep issues.

As a health professional with extensive training and experience dealing with adult sleep, I never imagined I would encounter any sleep problems in my own house…until I became a mom!

After working through sleep issues with my own child, I discovered that there’s a science (and art) specific to dealing with children’s sleep within the context of a family.

Inspired by our experience, I received postgraduate training at the Family Sleep Institute and International Maternity Institute in order to support other families. Now I bring my extensive training and experience as a psychologist together with specialized training in child and family sleep to help families tackle sleep issues on an individual basis, taking into account their unique situations and needs.

I love working with sweet babies and it’s always easier to change sleeping patterns earlier rather than later, but I also have a special place in my heart for toddlers and preschoolers. When given the right tools and understanding, these little guys can become the biggest sleep champions of all!

I’ve helped over a thousand families get on the path to better sleep through my private sleep coaching practice, Off to Dreamland. I also serve on the faculty of the Family Sleep Institute and work in conjunction with several pediatric practices throughout Fairfield County, CT.

Sasha Carr, Ph.D.

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 Get Dr. Carrs TOP 7 Sleep Tips For Parents
Sasha Carr, Ph.D.

About Dr. Carr

Psychologist, educator and certified child sleep coach

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