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Favorite new parody video. "You're welcome" in advance😄

Tada! My You're Welcome Mom Parody from Moana is here! The kids are I LOVE this movie and after several requests I just had to put a mom spin on this song. E...

1 month ago

Oh no. If this had been released a week earlier we'd have assumed it was an April Fool joke! Many parents who come to us for help have been putting their child in the car to get them to sleep for some time. One family had bought an additional car just for that purpose! We help them learn how to fall asleep at home instead of having to buy more and more technology like this.

Say hello to Max Motor Dreams, a crib that mimics the experience of being on a car ride.…_...

2 months ago

Kimberly RoseI saw this last week and cringed!2 months ago

What a fun time we had at Once Upon an Author. Thank you Stepping Stones Museum for Children!

3 months ago

Kimberly RoseFantastic event! So glad we made it!3 months ago

Margaret DowningWhat a great activity to complement your book. It looks like the kids had a great time. Go Bungee!!!3 months ago

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