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 Get Dr. Carrs TOP 7 Sleep Tips For Parents
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Call (203) 828-0079 if you want to get started right away, or fill out our contact form Are you. Exhausted from hours of rocking, walking, or nursing to finally get your baby to sleep? Stuck in the catnap zone, where your baby wakes up “like clockwork” after short 20, 30 or 45 minute…

Toddler Expert

Toddler Expert

Although in your heart they’ll always be “your baby”, at 18 months and beyond your child is a robust toddler or preschooler whose main mission in life to is to test limits and assert his independence while he makes the important transition from baby to big kid. Even if your little one was a dream sleeper as an infant, these years can bring unique…

Success Stories

Success Stories

What our clients are saying: The “4 month sleep regression” hit our family hard, and at 5 months, our son had no regular night or nap schedule. It was clear he was overtired, and he had to be rocked or nursed (sometimes for hours) until fast asleep or he would begin screaming as soon as he hit the…

I don’t think there is any way we could have accomplished the sleep training without her guidance. If we could do it over again, the only thing we would change is to call her sooner.

Kira and Arjune R.

Dr. Carr gave us a complete and easy to follow plan and just two weeks later our daughter is sleeping all night in her own bed and waking up rested. It’s a miracle.

Sarah and Tim

I will be forever grateful for her advice. The reason that this worked for us is because it wasn’t someone just telling us to let our son cry it out.

Cathy L.

Dr. Carr took my questions seriously.I used to think our pediatrician was the most patient person I knew but after working with Dr. Carr I’m not sure, she may have him beat!

Stephanie T.

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Psychologist, educator and certified child sleep coach

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